Promoting Healthy Communities Through Epidemiology
MSIC – Michigan Society for Infection Control
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MSIC – Michigan Society for Infection Control
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Mission Statement

To develop a knowledge network, provide educational resources, and promote science-based practices in partnership with the community.



The purpose of the organization is to promote healthy communities through epidemiology. As a professional non-profit organization, MSIC strives to promote, establish, and enhance the highest quality standards to reduce the potential for and the risk of infectious and non-infectious outcomes. MSIC fosters this standard through the formulation and implementation of current and developing guidelines, provisions of education resources, dissemination of information, and interaction with regulatory and legislative bodies.



Michigan Society for Infection Control (MSIC) was founded in 1973 by professionals charged with the responsibility of developing Infection Control Programs in several institutions. It was obvious from the beginning that this fledging discipline was going to reach beyond the scope of any single practitioners expertise. These pioneering individuals saw the need to form an organization that would facilitate networking and effectively broaden the knowledge base of each individual by sharing expertise, resources, and providing a collegial forum for solutions of common problems.

Today this organization boasts more than 600 members who work in acute care, long term care, home care, mental health, public health, correctional facilities, and health care product organizations and facilities. MSIC strives today to increase communication and access through the use of information technology, continually evaluates current education resources to serve member needs, and promotes science-based practices.


How to Join

Membership information is available from the MSIC Administrative Office. You may contact the office by the following:


Membership Applications

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Membership applications are available by contacting the above office or for download by clicking the link below:

MSIC Membership Application - 2004


Promoting healthy communities through epidemiology

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