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An advocacy team of volunteer MSIC members, provides key liaison representations to MIOSHA, MDCH, MDCIS, Bioterrorism State Task Force, and other regulatory agencies and task forces as needed.

The team monitors regulatory and legislative action on a national and state level. It engages and collaborates with other professional organizations to actively promote public health and improve health care quality and safety in all settings.

To learn more about advocacy contact the Advocacy Chair by visiting our Leadership page.


To learn more about how the ICP can assist with promoting immunization for populations at risk contact the Advocacy Chair on our Leadership page.

New ACIP Interim Influenza Vaccination Recommendations for the 2004/2005 Influenza Season

MDCH Immunization Information

Public Health

ICPs have long been a key element in promoting public health and preventing transmission of infectious diseases in the community. To learn more contact the MI Dept. of Community Health (MDCH) Liaison from the Leadership page or the Advocacy Chair

Safety & Occupational Health

Protecting those who provide health care against exposure to disease has always been a key initiative of ICPs. For assistance on regulations and programs to improve occupational health of personnel contact the MIOSHA Liaison from the Leadership page.

  MIOSHA Announces Enhanced Enforcement of Respiratory Protection Against Occupational Exposure to TB
MDCIS Office of Fire Safety issues guidance on placement of waterless alcohol-based hand antiseptics in health care facilities. Enforcement of this guidance policy began in January 2003.
1 pg, 108k

Amended MIOSHA Bloodborne Infectious Diseases Rules
MIOSHA Issues Interpretation of Blood Tube Collection Holders
2 pgs, 29k
Q & A on Blood Tube Collection Holders
1 pgs, 16k


Recent tragic events in the U.S. have reinforced the need to be prepared against use of bioterrorism. There are several resources available for ICPs to make sure all facilities in Michigan are prepared to respond should this become a reality. For more details contact the Advocacy Chair.

Anthrax and Bioterrorism 2 pgs, 158k

Botulism and Bioterrorism 2 pgs, 116k

The Plague and Bioterrorism 2 pgs, 119k

Smallpox and Bioterrorism 2 pgs, 122k

CDC BT Information web site

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Promoting healthy communities through epidemiology

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