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Application Process for Social Security Disability

For everybody who is making an application for Social Security Disability or SSI in, you should probably be aware what you really are up against. Even though Social Security is known as a national program, there are actually variations in processing times by state. In this case we are going to go over the standard disability application,

Applying for Social Security Disability in? There is several steps during this process you must know about. Social Security Disability, also known as SSDI, is known as a federal program operated by way of the Social Security Administration. The particular wait times for each and every phase fluctuate and even differ by state. This is just what can be expected for.

Initial Application Level

Step one is the disability application. For anybody who is in considering to apply for Social Security Disability, the particular process is simple. You'll want to come to a decision if you are planning to submit an application by yourself or by using a disability advocate or disability attorney. If you are not certain what direction to go, contact the Social Security Disability Center (find here list of social security locations) and our free of charge disability consultation will assist to answer the questions you have.

When you first apply it will take roughly 3-5 months before you discover if you are accepted or denied. We have found that people who at first make an application employing an expert advocate or attorney definitely will considerably increase your chances of approval. Why? It's due to the fact they will help you stay away from typical mistakes first time applicants make, we've submitted several thousand applications in.

Reconsideration Level

Your Social Security Disability application was denied, now what? In around 70% of disability applications usually are denied initially. A person will have 60 days in order to file an appeal for the purpose of reconsideration to the Social Security Administration (SSA). In case you don't file the appeal within the given amount of time a person will have to start from scratch and wait another 3-5 months.

The reconsideration level has tight approval guidelines, virtually 85% of appeals are generally denied. Should you be considering an appeal it's recommended you get assistance. If you are not seeing a physician, start; for anyone who is not being represented by an attorney or disability advocate, find one. A large number of disability claims take about 3-5 months in order to process.

Exactly why is it vital that you be represented at this level? Time is actually the answer. You now have been in the task of getting Social Security Disability for approximately six - ten months. Should you lose your appeal during the reconsideration level the next period the SSA offers you an answer on your claim will probably be in 18 months, one and a half years. Because of this , it is critical to get all of your documents, medical related documents, journals, physician endorsement, etc. in correct order prior to submit them to the Social Security Administration for ones appeal.

Hearing Level

The hearing level has good and bad news. The good… If you were denied throughout the Reconsideration level, which can be quite probable, the Hearing level has higher than average percentage approval rate. If you've been making use of a disability advocate or disability attorney, typically the approval rate is up to around 85%-90%. The bad… It comes with an increase in the actual wait time. From the time one submit an individual's appeal right up until the moment you get your decision from the SSA, often the normal wait can be eighteen months. It is typical for many disability applicants to wait nearly one year in order to get the hearing scheduled. As soon as an individual have your hearing date it is essential for you to appear to the hearing regardless of what comes up. In specific situations a person may be able to work along with the Social Security Administration to get the hearing date to a sooner time, this can be a specific thing your disability advocateor disability attorney will help you with.

Should you be refused in the Reconsideration level, which unfortunately may well happen, the hearing level offers the greatest chance of approval. Those disability applicants who reach this point, possess a respectable claim, and represent theirselves at the hearing may have around a 60-70% chance of qualifying. Individuals that employ legal counsel often have around 85-90% chance of qualifying.

Appeals Level

Should your claim is refused during the hearing level, it is possible to appeal the decision at the national level. Having said that, the wait will probably be incredibly extended. Typically ones claim will be remanded back to the judge for another look, amongst other things. This stage, especially the Federal District Court, could possibly take years to present a decision. It might be faster to reapply and start the process all over again.

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